Satellite TV over Fiber Solutions

QuestTel has been successfully providing fiber solutions for broadband applications for many years. We are proud to introduce our new L-Band over fiber transceiver units, which are capable of transmitting L-Band signal over singlemode fiber from LNB. QuestTel's L-band units are perfect for any satellite TV distribution application, compact form factor enclosure fits in limited space and ensures easy installation on the site.

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Perfect for Satellite TV

Polarity shifting + AGC

1 Channel L-Band over Singlemode fiber

QuestTel's Satellite TV fiber extenders provide long haul run from LNB to destination point over 12 miles by default, moreover our units are compatible with many popular content providers such as DirecTV, making L-1Ch-L-Band-TX/RX the best choice for local signal distribution applications(hotels, private satellite TV facilities etc.) L-1Ch-L-Band-TX/RX come with full pack of functions such as 22khz control tone for polarity shifting and Automated Gain Control Switching to ensure extra stability of the signal, input signal is accepted within 45 - 2800 MHz range. Overall L-1Ch-L-Band-TX/RX offers high performance and stability with compact factor enclosure and plug-and-play design, industrial grade laser provides long run transmission up to 12 (24/48 optional) miles and ensures full uptime.

Super Easy to use

In case you have off-air ATSC signal coming from antenna, L-1Ch-L-Band-TX/RX will be able to process it since the unit is fully compatible with off-air ATSC carriers. Switching to the fiber network brings many benefits to the system comparing with conventional coax cabling - no electromagnetic noise, drastic advantage for long distance transmission, safe signal transport, light and cost effective cables. All things considered, L-1Ch-L-Band-TX/RX represents the most advanced system for satellite network distribution, which combines cutting edge technology with proven broadband systems.

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