Advanced SDI Fiber Solutions

QuestTel engineering team is proud to present you our new series of SDI fiber solutions, we dedicate a lot of time and effort improving our existing products and searching for revolutionary techniques to employ. Recently we came up with several innovative methods, which will boost video processing performance and we decided to release a new line of optical SDI units. Those are professional yet affordable video extenders for all kinds of live AV applications. Similar units have been used by true leaders in video distribution market such as national TV channels, sport broadcasters and public security agencies.

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Perfect for Live Applivations
and Broadcasters

3G-SDI and RS-485

One Channel 3G-SDI over Fiber

Deploy your 3G-SDI channel with audio to optical network with our compact factor transceivers, the solution includes high performance transmitter with capability of channel extension up to 12 miles by default and highly sensitive receiver, which provides full cross-compatibility with many other popular optical SDI systems such as python. QuestTel's equipment was specially adopted for professional use, so all our extenders come with embedded RS-485 data channel for advanced camera control. To ensure full uptime we integrated simple LED alarm signals.

Super Easy to use

Many more configurations are available - SDI and Ethernet over fiber specially designed for public security systems and internet applications. Some of our units come with additional AUX channels to expand audio line for redundancy. In our SDI fiber line we also included 2/4/8 channel units as well as CWDM multiplexer solution for extra boost in performance and scalability. Explore our catalog to find the best fitting solution and learn more about technical specification.

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