HDMI QAM Modulator

RF Modulators are the most important part of any professional head end system, with great dedication and passion our team developed a new line of High End Modulators. Years of experience and strong team of professionals allowed us to gather several powerful tools together and incorporate them in a single box.

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2Ch HDMI Modulator with IPTV and ASI

QuestTel's B-QAM-HDMI-IP-2CH represents a very versatile HDMI QAM Modulator solution with IP streaming and ASI output, the unit is equipped with different inputs - HDMI/CVBS/YPbPr as well as ASI for muxing. B-QAM-HDMI-IP-2CH has modular architecture, which includes hardware encoder and modulator. Encoder is designed for HighLoad applications featuring low error ratio, dedicated memory buffer boosts its performance and ensures stable data stream. Improved circuit design and high quality optimized FPGAs deliver brilliant performance for both H.264 and MPEG2 codecs and AC3 audio. Encoder supports video resolution up to 1080p@30. Modulator module supports DVB-C, DVB-T and ATSC standards to meet strict requirements for TV broadcasting. Our system is fully compliant with closed captioning (608 on analog RCA) and AC3 audio pass-through. Furthermore modulator has IPTV output for UDP and RTP internet video streaming, making your system more scalable and versatile. Management made easy with integrated web control panel for remote access. Overall, B-QAM-HDMI-IP-2CH is a perfect choice for any live broadcasting company, our system delivers functionality for two major AV applications: RF modulation and IPTV encoding in single box.

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QuestTel provides a full product line for any live-video application: RF Modulators, Encoders, IRDs and a lot more. Our solutions are available with both SDI and HDMI inputs. Explore our catalog to find best fitting configuration.

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