HDMI Pattern Generator tool

QuestTel offers a full series of headend equipment for various applications, crucial part for every AV project is to ensure high quality of the image and stable performance of the system. We pay a lot of attention to calibration equipment, recently we released our new HDMI analyzing tool for image calibration and meta-data analysis.

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Perfect for any HeadEnd

Touch screen + LINUX

4K HDMI Pattern Generator Analyzer

QuestTel's 1B-HDMI-PTG-ALZ is all-in-one mobile 4K test pattern generator and analyzer tool for advanced image calibration and video meta-data analysis. The unit is equipped with 4.3" high responsive touch screen for easy access to all options, display unfolds a full capacity of professional functions, since unit is running under Linux based OS. 1B-HDMI-PTG-ALZ has dozens of various test patterns including timer, moving squares and audio tone, moreover user can upload custom patterns up to 2 GB. The unit comes with many professional features such as HDCP verification tool to test HDMI source and out of the box meta-data analysis of the video stream. Overall 1B-HDMI-PTG-ALZ is very versatile and powerful tool, which is vital for any professional AV user and installer to ensure consistency of the video source and calibrate the image.

Super Easy to use

Apart from HDMI QuestTel engineering team came up with 3G-SDI pattern generator, which comes with a full pack of features - full hd resolution support up to 1080p@60, big variety of patterns including moving patterns, timer and patterns for advanced color calibration as well as bypassing HDMI function. Explore our catalog for more information on our calibration tools and other professional headend equipment.

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