HDMI to RF - QAM Encoder Modulator

New era of HD Video Distribution

Key Features

B-QAM-HDMI-IP-2CH outputs HD video signals, and features x2 HDMI/Composite/Component input channels, with closed captioning support, as well as AC3 audio support. Questtel's HDMI Encoder / QAM Modulator allows you convert HDMI video input signals into DVB-C channels and distribute them to an unlimited number of HDTVs over your existing coaxial cabling with high performance and low latency. B-QAM-HDMI-IP-2CH Encoder/Modulator is capable of modulating both standards QAM and ATSC. With up to 40 dB of RF output and remote access capabilities, B-QAM-HDMI-IP-2CH extensive feature set makes the unit the most cost-effective encoder in the marketplace. This HDMI to Coax encoder modulator is ideal for commercial residential properties, academic and medical facilities, local area network applications for both CATV and broadcast, as well as the hospitality industry.

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