HD-SDI Fiber transceiver kit

New era of HD Video Production

Key Features

L-1SDI-FE-TX/RX HD-SDI Fiber Optic Extender enables low-latency long run transmission of HD-SDI video, with 8 audio channels and RS485 over a single fiber.QuestTel's HD-SDI Video Transport Solution is engineered for reliability and high resolution performance. Perfect for remote OB truck video feeds, sport events and other HD video venues,video conference calling as well as HD video monitoring and public security systems. The L-1SDI-FE-TX/RX provides loss-free and high-quality video transmission without compression. Fiber optical transmission excludes electromagnetic noise factor, it makes this product a perfect solution for efficient, reliable and secured HD/SD-SDI signal transport. The LED indicators on each unit make troubleshooting easy with DC power and optical laser indications on the transmitter and DC power and optical power reporting on the receiver.

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