3G/HD-SDI Pattern Generator

New era of HD Video Production

Key Features

1B-SDI-PTG 3G-HD/SD SDI Pattern Generator a compact SDI video and audio test generator with multi-format and multi-pattern support. The 1B-SDI-PTG HD/3G-SDI Generator provides four buttons to operate the menu on its LCD screen. This cost-effective tool will allow video professionals to calibrate and test video equipment and displays. Supports still and moving video test patterns, and provides a lot of useful features like audio SMPTE-291M. 1B-SDI-PTG Pattern Generator supports up to 8 channels of AES compliant audio with 48KHz sample rate. Multitasking of 1B-SDI-PTG comes from bypassing HDMI input which allows user to use more testing patterns for connected display or use 1B-SDI-PTG as SDI converter with 3G support.

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