Digital Video Over IP: Abbreviations


A/V Audio/Video

ABNF Augmented Backus-Naur Form

AL-FEC Application Layer Forward Error Correction

ALG Application Level Gateway

ASM Any Source Multicast

BCG Broadband Content Guide

BiM Binary MPEG format for XML

BLP Bitmask Lost Packet

BNF Backus-Naur Form

CDS Content Download Service

CMD Carousel Multicast Download

CoD Content on Demand

CoS Class of Service

CPCM Content Protection and Copy Management

CPU Central Processing Unit

CRID Content Reference IDentifier

CSP Content Service Provider

CSRC Contributing SouRCe

DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DiffServ Differentiated Services

DNG Delivery Network Gateway

DNS Domain Name System

DSCP Differentiated Services CodePoint

DSM-CC Digital Storage Media - Command and Control

DTD Document Type Declaration

DTH Direct To Home

DVB Digital Video Broadcasting

DVB-RC Digital Video Broadcasting - Return Channel

DVB-S Digital Video Broadcasting - Satellite

DVBSTP DVB SD&S Transport Protocol

ESI Encoding Symbol ID

FB FeedBack

FDT File Delivery Table

FLUTE File Delivery over Unidirectional Transport

FMT Feedback Message Type

FUS Firmware Update Service

FUSS File Upload System Stub

HN Home Network

HNED Home Network End Device

HNN Home Network Node

HNS Home Network Segment

HTC Head-end Time Clock

HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol

ID IDentifier

IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IETF Internet Engineering Task Force

IGMP Internet Group Management Protocol

IP Internet Protocol

IPDC Internet Protocol DataCasting

IPI Internet Protocol Infrastructure

IPv4 Internet Protocol version 4

ISN Initial Sequence Number

ISO International Organization for Standardization

ISP Internet Service Provider

LCT Layered Coding Transport

LMB Live Media Broadcast

MAC Media Access Control

MBwTM Media Broadcast with Trick Modes

MC MultiCast

MHP Multimedia Home Platform

MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension

MPEG Moving Pictures Expert Group

MPTS Multiple Program Transport Stream

MTS MPEG-2 Transport Stream

MTU Maximum Transmission Unit

NACK Negative ACKnowledgement

NTP Network Time Protocol

OSI Open Systems Interconnection

OSN Original Sequence Number

PAT Program Association Table

PCR (MPEG-2) Program Clock Reference

PLL Phased Locked Loop

PMT Program Map Table

PT Payload Type

QoS Quality of Service

QRC Query-Response Channel

RET RETransmission

RFC Request For Comments

RMS Remote Management and Firmware

RR Receiver Report

RSI Receiver Summary Information

RTCP Real-time Transport Control Protocol

RTP Real-time Transport Protocol

RTSP Real Time Streaming Protocol

SAP Session Announcement Protocol

SBL Source Block Length

SBN Source Block Number

SDES Source DEScription

SDP Session Description Protocol

SD&S Service Discovery and Selection

SI Service Information

SMD Scheduled Multicast Download

SNTP Simple Network Time Protocol

SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol

SOHO Small Office/Home Office

SP Service Provider

SR Sender Report

SSL Secure Socket Layer

SSM Single Source Multicast

SSM Source Specific Multicast

SSRC Synchronization Source

STC (MPEG-2) System Time Clock

TCP Transmission Control Protocol

TLS Transaction Layer Security

TOI Transport Object Identifier

ToS Type of Service

TS Transport Stream

TSI Transport Session Identifier

T-STD (MPEG-2) Transport Stream System Target Decoder

TV TeleVision

TVA TV Anytime

UD Unicast Download

UDP User Datagram Protocol

URI Uniform Resource Identifier

URL Uniform Resource Locator

UTC Coordinated Universal Time

UTF Unicode Transformation Format

VCR Video Cassette Recorder

VOD Video On Demand

XML eXtensible Markup Language

XOR eXclusive OR

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