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Ethernet and Telephone Over Fiber



4 Channel Telephone Fiber Multiplexer

Tech Specs
Application Drawing

QuestTel 4 Channel FXO/FXS Phone over singlemode fiber multiplexer: L-PHN-4CH provides long haul run of telephone over fiber, which excludes electromagnetic noise factor and provides extra security to the system. Optical cables are light, easy to manage and cost effective as well. L-PHN-4CH unit is used by many corporations to connect subdivisions phone lines in order to improve security and prevent data leaks, it is an essential part of any high security application. 

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4 Channel Telephone Fiber Multiplexer

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    • Compatible with a variety of phone formats , standard  RJ11 telephone interface
    • Supports caller ID and reverse polarity charging function
    • Support FXO / FXS
    • Support video lossless regenerative relay
    • data status indication LED
    • Modular design
Tech Specs
Type  FXO/FXS telephone
Ports 4 telephone port RJ11 port
Switch Terminal

Ordinary telephone or PBX, PBX (PBX),

 public telephone outside the PSTN

FXS Ringing voltage: 75V, ringing frequency: 25HZ

Second line input impedance:600Ω (hook),

 return loss: 40db, ring detection voltage:35V

Ring detection frequency

17HZ-60HZ, second-line input impedance:

 600Ω (hook), return loss: 40 db

Broadband Voice 8KHZ

Point to point, telephone to telephone,

telephone to switch

Code PCM code
Environmental Specifications Operating Temperature:  -35° - 75°C
Storage Temperature: -40° - 85°C
Operating Humidity: 0% - 95%, non-condensing
Transmission Distance 20km (optional 40/60km)
Total power consumption 2.5w (Input:DC5V 1A)
Power supply  Input:AC110-240V 50/60Hz, Output:5V 1A

Disclaimer: Products, specifications and data are subject to change without notice, to improve reliability, function, design or otherwise.

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Application Drawing 4 Channel Telephone Fiber Multiplexer's Application Drawing
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