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CATV EDFA Optical Amplifiers



CATV EDFA Optical Amplifier 1550nm 14 dBm

Tech Specs
Application Drawing

QuestTel's EDFA Fiber Amplifier is high end professional equipment, designed using advanced optical principles.  The L-RF-EDFA-14dBm can be used in conjunction with the QuestTel's 1550nm optical transmitters and receivers. It's Mainly used for the long distance optical fiber transmission of digital CATV signal telephone voice signal and data (or compressed data) signal. QuestTel's EDFA Fiber Amplifiers use high-performance erbium doped fiber and low noise pump laser, and built-in perfect embedded automatic monitoring system,ensures the excellent performance indicators. 

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CATV EDFA Optical Amplifier 1550nm 14 dBm

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    • Automatic control the output optical power
    • Adjustable output optical power, attenuation range is 0-3dB
    • High-performance erbium doped fiber, high efficiency energy conversion
    •  Advanced processor with automatic monitoring systemic circuit
    •  Front panel LCD monitor
    • SNMP monitoring system with RS-232 interface
Tech Specs
 Operating bandwidth   1535 - 1565 nm
 Input optical power range   -5 ~ +10 dBm
 Output optical power  14 dBm ; Optional: 14-24 dBm
 Output power stability   ±0.2 dBm
 Noise figure   ≤ 5.0 dB
 Return loss   ≥ 45 dB
 Pump leakage power   ≤ -30 dBm
 Optical connector type   FC/APC or SC/APC 
 Power supply voltage  AC160V - 250V (50 Hz)
 Consumption  < 30 W
 Operating Temperature  -5~55°C
 Storage Temperature  -30~70°C
 Relative Humidity  Max 95% no condensation %
 Dimension  483(W)×340(D)× 44(H)  mm


L-RF-EDFA-14dBm RF EDFA Amplifier  Pdf User Guide 

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Application Drawing CATV EDFA Optical Amplifier 1550nm 14 dBm's Application Drawing
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