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3G/HD/SD-SDI Mini Pattern Generator

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QuestTel 1B-SDI-MN-PTG is a compact, yet powerful 3G-SDI pattern generator with a decent pack of features ranging from embedded audio generator to NTSC/PAL support and resolution switcher. 1B-SDI-MN-PTG provides high-quality generation of SDI signals, which makes it a great choice for live TV broadcasters and video equipment installers. LED indicators make a testing and calibration easy and fast, so there is no need for extra display. Overall 1B-SDI-MN-PTG's configuration enabled us to concentrate on quality of output signal generated and cut a fair amount of costs. 1B-SDI-MN-PTG is the best choice for professional users, who require precise high-grade signal generation tool for calibration purposes.

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3G/HD/SD-SDI Mini Pattern Generator

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    • Comply with SMPTE-424M 3G-SDI, SMPTE-292M HD-SDI and SMPTE-259M SD-SDI standard, supports 2970Mb/s, 1485Mb/s and 270Mb/s
    • Support NTSC and PAL, which can be switched by button on the front panel
    • Support the most popular SDI format, which can be switched by button on the front panel
    • Support 1080P@59.94/29.97, 1080I@59.94, 720P@59.94, 525I@59.95 format of NTSC
    • Support 1080P@60/30, 1080I@60, 720P@60, 625I@50 format of PAL
    • Support embedded 8 channel audio signal of 1 KHz sine wave
    • Support NTSC/PAL and SDI format indicator led on the front panel
    • Support color bar pattern with moving circle
Tech Specs


SD/HD/3G-SDI Pattern generator  
Connector 2970Mb/s, 1485Mb/s and 270Mb/s
Impedance 75Ω
Return loss >15dB
Output level 800mVp-p±10%
Rise and fall time(3G-SDI) ≤135ps
Rise and fall time(HD-SDI) ≤270ps
Rise and fall time(SD-SDI) ≤1.50ns
SD-SDI Alignment jitter (1KHz) ≤0.2UI
SD-SDI Timing jitter (10Hz) ≤0.2UI
HD-SDI Alignment jitter (100KHz) ≤0.2UI
HD-SDI Timing jitter (10Hz) ≤1.0UI
3G-SDI Alignment jitter (100KHz) ≤0.3UI
3G-SDI Timing jitter (10Hz) ≤2.0UI
Standard Comply to SMPTE-424M 3G-SDI, SMPTE-292M HD-SDI
and SMPTE-259M SD-SDI standard
Embedded Audio  
Wave 1 KHz sine wave
Quantization grade 24 bits
Sample frequency 48KHz
Power supply 12V DC
Dimension 93.0mm x 46.2mm x 29.6mm


1B-SDI-MN-PTG SDI Pattern Generator Guide  Pdf User Manual: 1B-SDI-MN-PTG

Disclaimer: Products, specifications and data are subject to change without notice, to improve reliability, function, design or otherwise.

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Application Drawing 3G/HD/SD-SDI Mini Pattern Generator 's Application Drawing
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