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4K HDMI Pattern Generator Analyzer

Tech Specs
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QuestTel 1B-HDMI-PTG-ALZ 4K HDMI 2.0 Generator / Analyzer is a versatile toolbox with HDMI 4K/2K 60 full bandwidth HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 support. For ease of HDMI 2.0 installations, 1B-HDMI-PTG-ALZ is equipped with both 4K HDMI pattern generator and analyzer. With this handy and portable gadget, users will appreciate at the built-in long hour operation chargeable battery, touch panel control and firmware upgrade access and many other features such as HDCP analyzer or loop test in one unit. QuestTel's 1B-HDMI-PTG-ALZ supports 8 channels of LPCM audio with selectable sample rate. One more attractive feature of 1B-HDMI-PTG-ALZ comes from bypassing HDMI input to the connected display or built-in 4.3” touch screen to verify HDMI sources instantly.
QuestTel's 1B-HDMI-PTG-ALZ is the most cost effective HDMI analyzer tool in the market to make HDMI installation much easier than ever.

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4K HDMI Pattern Generator Analyzer

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    • 4K2K60 4:4:4 8bit or 4:2:0 16bit HDR pattern generator
    • HDMI 4K/2K 60 Full Bandwidth
    • 4.3” touch screen
    • Supports mouse control
    • Ethernet port for device control
    • Firmware update through USB Flash Drive
    • User defined patterns up to 2GB
    • LINUX KERNEL OS system with limitless extension
    • Scrambler supported for videos over 340MHz output wise
    • Loop test for statistics analysis of connection stability
    • HDMI loop through
    • HDCP test - verify HDCP of HDMI source
    • Qualified physical layer performance for the best compatibility
    • Portable battery powered device for operation time up to 4 hours
    • Short charging time about 2 hours.
Tech Specs
Role of usage 4K HDMI Generator / Analyzer
Video bandwidth Single link 600MHz [ 18Gbps ]
HDMI compliance HDMI 2.0 and below
HDCP compliance HDCP 2.2 and below
Video Support Up to  4K2K60 4:4:4 8bit, 4K2K60 4:2:0 1 6 bit (HDR)
Video Format Support HDMI
Audio  support 8ch LPCM up to 192K
Control USB mouse / touch panel / Ethernet
ESD protection Human body model  — ±15kV [air - gap discharge] & ±8kV [contact  discharge]
Input 1x HDMI + 1xUSB + 1x RJ - 45(Ethernet)
Output 1x HDMI + 1x 3.5mm ( Stereo)
USB Support USB  2.0
HDMI connector Type A [19 - pin female]
USB Connector Type A
RJ - 45 connector WE/SS 8P8C with 2 LED indicators
Housing Metal enclosure
Model Dimensions (L x W x H)105 x 166 x 42 mm [4.1" x 6. 6 " x  1.7"]
Package Dimensions (L x W x H) 371 x 170 x 77mm [1'5" x  6.7" x 3"]
Carton Dimensions (L x W x H) 410 x 368 x 393mm[1'3" x 1'4" x 1'5"]
Weight Model 765g [ 27 oz]
Weight Package 1294g [ 2.8 lbs]
Power supply 12V 5A  DC / Battrery
Operation temperature 0~40°C [32~104°F]
Storage temperature - 20~60°C [ - 4~140°F]
Relative humidity 20~90% RH [no condensation]


1B-HDMI-PTG-ALZ HDMI Pattern Generator  Pdf User Manual: 1B-HDMI-PTG-ALZ 


1B-HDMI-PTG-ALZ HDMI Pattern Generator Promo  1B-HDMI-PTG-ALZ Promo Page 


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Application Drawing 4K HDMI Pattern Generator Analyzer's Application Drawing
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