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3G-HD/SD SDI Monitor with Video Processing Support

Tech Specs
Application Drawing

QuestTel's 1B-SDI-PTGM2 3G-HD/SD SDI Monitor offers the highest compatibility for  SDI and 3G/HD/SD formats. 1B-SDI-PTGM2 also provides support for composite NTSC/PAL standard formats through the same input. Embedded advanced de-interlacer allows you to improve interlaced video inputs, such as SD-SDI and composite. 1B-SDI-PTGM2 supports up to 8 channel audio bars to indicate digital audio channel in SDI stream, it makes 1B-SDI-PTGM2 a perfect standalone solution for SDI signal quality evaluation.
This product is especially designed to simplify the SDI security monitoring with affordable price. With 1B-SDI-PTGM2, SDI will not become a weakspot in your advanced SDI applications, like HD surveillance systems or SDI video editing.This device for SDI monitoring includes SMTPE 352M indicator, CRC status, EDH, audio bars, video format auto detection, and Sync status. With flexible IR remote control and push buttons, 1B-SDI-PTGM2 offers a simple and effective way to track and control the display layout and status demonstration.

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3G-HD/SD SDI Monitor with Video Processing Support

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    • 3G-HD-SD SDI compliant
    • Up to 8 SDI channel audio bar display
    • Built-in advanced scaler to scale up and down the input to fit on screen
    • Advanced video processing supports: noise reduction, color management, fleshtone control, dynamiccontrast control, closed caption support for CVBS, 3-D de-interlacing, 3:2/2:2 pull down detection and recovery.
    • RS-232 Firmware upgradable to guarantee the functionality revised.
    • Supports two up to 3G SDI loop-outs
    • Versatile IR control
    • Push button control
    • Wall-mounting ear for easy installation
Tech Specs
LCD size & resolution 5.7” & 640x480
LCD color depth 18 bit RGB
Composite bandwidth 13.5MHz
Audio support Up to 8 CH decoding and audio bar display
SDI Support SD/HD/3G
Input 1 x SDI [CVBS]
Output 2x SDI [Loopout]
Audio FS support 48KHz
ESD protection Human body model — ±19kV
[air-gap discharge] ±12kV [contact discharge]
Core chipset — ±2kV
PCB stack-up 6-layer board
[impedance control — differential 100 Ohm; single 50 Ohm]
IR remote control Electro-optical characteristics: t = 25 C / Carrier frequency: 38kHz
HDMI connector HDMI type A RS-232 connector DE-9 [9-pin D-sub female]
BNC connector 75 Ohm inter-locked socket DIP switch Restore default
Dimensions [L x W x H] 172 x 148 x 46mm [6.8” x 5.8” x 1.8”]
Weight 1000g [2.2 lbs]
Power supply Interlocked 5V 4A DC


1B-SDI-PTGM2 HDMI Pattern Genertor Guide  Pdf User Guide 


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Application Drawing 3G-HD/SD SDI Monitor with Video Processing Support's Application Drawing
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