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CATV RF Over Fiber



CATV 8 mW RF Optical Transmitter 45-750/862/1003 MHz

Tech Specs
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The QuestTel's 1310nm - 8mW direct modulated optical transmitter is the most important equipment to construct the CATV HFC network. It mainly used for the long distance optical fiber transmission of TV image signal, digital television signal, telephone voice signal and data (or compressed data) signal's. It converts any incoming RF signal within this band to optical RF and transports all channels and programs over one fiber. This product does use the high-performance DFB laser as the optical source with Automatic Gain Control. The RF drive part adopts RF power digital automatic processing technology and advanced RF pre-distortion circuit, and built-in microcomputer automatic monitoring system, to ensure the excellent performance indicators.

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CATV 8 mW RF Optical Transmitter 45-750/862/1003 MHz

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    • Adopt high-performance coaxial/butterfly DFB laser, narrow spectral lines, good
      linearity and high output power.
    • Supports broadband range 45-750/862/1003 MHz
    • The RF drive part adopts the RF power digital automatic processing technology.
      Automatic processing the drive level power according to the RF input signal level
      and the number of channels (15-84 channels), make the CSO, CTB and C/N index
      always at the optimal value to ensure the overall performance.
    • Advanced multi-frequency RF pre-distortion technology, combined with the GaAs
      device, effectively improve the CATV system most important CTB and CSO
      index, C/N index also gets the maximum upgrade.
    • Adopt advanced 32 bit processor; coordinate with perfect automatic monitoring
      system circuit. It can timely and accurately monitor working status of the laser to
      ensure a stable optical output power and effectively extend the working life of the
    • Built-in blue screen 160×32 dot matrix LCD monitor on the front panel,
      accurately showing all working status parameters.
    • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) manages RF level with no adjustment needed
    • 19″1U standard rack mount, equipped standard IEEE802.3 10Base-T Ethernet
      interface and RS232 interface, can expediently realize network management
    • Outputs Industry standard RFoG (RF over Glass)
    • Fully support specification GB/T 20030-2005 HFC Network device management system
Tech Specs
 RF Optical Transmitter  
 Optical output power  8mW
 Optical Wavelength  1310nm
Flatness Range 45-750/862/1003 MHz
 Equivalent Noise Intensity  < -160 dB/Hz
 Extinction Ratio  >20 dB XP
 Line Width:  < 1 MHz   FWHM
 Return Loss  >55 dB
 Optical modulation mode  Direct optical intensity modulation
 Optical connector type  SC/APC
 RF Parameters  
 RF Power Level  11-29 dBmV AGC Managed
 Flatness  <± 0.75    45 - 862 MHz
 CNR  ≥ 51 dB @ 10km fiber
 SBC Restrain  >17 dBm
 C/CTB  ≥ 65 dB
 C/CSO  ≥ 60 dB
 Dimensions  483 (L)×380 (W) ×44 (H) mm
 Power supply voltage  AC 110V-250V (50Hz)
 Consumption  30 W
 Operating temperature  0°C ~ 45°C
 Storage temperature   -20°C ~ +65°C
 Relative humidity  Max 95% no condensation
 Weight  2.6 kg


L-RF-4mW-TX RF Over Fiber  Pdf User Guide 


How RF over Fiber Links Work


Converting  RF signals into light, then transporting the optical signal over fiber optic cable, is a complex process which requires a high degree of technical expertise. Incoming RF signals from the antenna or signal source are fed into QuestTel's RF over Fiber Transmitter Module via the 75 Ohm RF connector. The Module contains RF signal conditioning and provides complex impedance matching between 75 Ohm input impedance and the Laser, Laser Control, APC, Monitoring and Alarm electronics. The Transmitter Module utilizes an Intensity Modulation scheme to convert RF signals into light. This modulated light is then transported through an optical fiber to the QuestTel's RF over Fiber Optical Receiver Module. The Receiver Module converts the modulated light back into an RF signal. The recovered RF signal is again complex impedance matched and amplified before it becomes available at the output of the Receiver Module.


Disclaimer: Products, specifications and data are subject to change without notice, to improve reliability, function, design or otherwise.

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Application Drawing CATV 8 mW RF Optical Transmitter 45-750/862/1003 MHz's Application Drawing
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