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CATV RF Over Fiber



CATV RF Optical Receiver 1310-1550 nm 45-862/1003 MHz

Tech Specs
Application Drawing

This is our latest high-end two-way output CATV network Fiber Optics Receiver. The L-RF-19R-RX is used to convert a fiber optic connection to RF (coax output). This module able to receive optical signals in either 1310nm or 1550nm. The second optical receiver adds further redundancy. QuestTel's CATV Fiber Optic receivers are designed high reliability with optical AGC (Optical Automatic Gate Control), high level RF output, ease of use, easy to read LED indicators, and suitable for high-level applications. The parameters will be displayed by singlechip to make the engineering debug more convenient.

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CATV RF Optical Receiver 1310-1550 nm 45-862/1003 MHz

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    •  High response PIN photoelectric conversion tube.
    • Optimizing circuit design, SMT production process, optimizing the whole signal path, makesthe photoelectronic signal transmission more fluent.
    • Professional RF attenuation chips, good RF attenuation and equilibrium linear, high precision.
    • GaAs amplifier device, power doubly output, high gain and low distortion.
    • Able to receive optical signals in either 1310nm or 1550nm
    • Dual optical recievers with automatic swtiching
    • Singlechip controls the whole work, digital display the parameters, easy and intuitive operation,and stable performance.
    • Excellent AGC characteristic, when the input optical power range is -9 +2dBm, the outputlever remain unchanged, CTB and CSO basically unchanged.
    • Reserved the data communication interface, can connect the Ethernet transponder, access to thenetwork management system.
Tech Specs
 Optical Parameters - RX  
 Wavelength  1310 - 1600 nm
 Receive Optical Power  -9 ~ +2 dBm
 Optical Return Loss  >45 dB
 Optical Connector Type  SC/APC / (FC/APC) or specified by the user
 Fiber Type  Single Mode / Multi Mode - Optional
 Link Parameters  
 Transmit Channel  PAL-D/60CH     NTSC/80CH
 C/N  ≥ 51 (-2dBm Input dB)
 C/CTB  ≥ 65 dB
  C/CSO  ≥ 60 dB
 RF Parameters  
 Frequency Range  45 - 862 /1003 MHz
 Flatness in Band  ±0.75 dB
 Rated Output Level  ≥ 108 dBμV
 Max Output Level  ≥ 114 dBμV
 Output Return Loss  ≥14 dB
 Output Impedance  75 Ω
 Electrical control EQ range  0 - 10 dB
 Electrical control ATT range  0 - 20 dB
 General Parameters  
 Network Managment  RJ45 & RS232      Supports I.E. & SNMP
 Power Supply  90~265VAC    -48VDC optional(30~60VDC)
 Power Consumption  ≤ 30 VA
 Operating Temperature  -40~60°C
 Storage Temperature  -40~65°C
 Relative Humidity  Max 95% no condensation
 Dimension  483 x 345 x 44 mm


L-RF-19R-RX CATV RF Optical Receiver Guide  Pdf User Guide 

Disclaimer: Products, specifications and data are subject to change without notice, to improve reliability, function, design or otherwise.


How RF over Fiber Links Work


Converting  RF signals into light, then transporting the optical signal over fiber optic cable, is a complex process which requires a high degree of technical expertise. Incoming RF signals from the antenna or signal source are fed into QuestTel's RF over Fiber Transmitter Module via the 75 Ohm RF connector. The Module contains RF signal conditioning and provides complex impedance matching between 75 Ohm input impedance and the Laser, Laser  Control, APC, Monitoring and Alarm electronics. The Transmitter Module utilizes an Intensity Modulation scheme to convert RF signals into light. This modulated light is then transported through an optical fiber to the QuestTel's RF over Fiber Optical Receiver Module. The Receiver Module converts the modulated light back into an RF signal. The recovered RF signal is again complex impedance matched and amplified before it becomes available at the output of the Receiver Module.

QuestTel shall have no liability for any error or damage of any kind resulting from the use of this document.
Application Drawing CATV RF Optical Receiver 1310-1550 nm 45-862/1003 MHz's Application Drawing
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