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2 Channel HD-SDI Over Fiber Extender Kit with RS485 channel

Tech Specs
Application Drawing

QuestTel's L-2SDI-FE-HD-TX/RX is a high performance, and reliable, 2-channel HD-SDI video optical transceiver, which perform real-time loss-free and high-quality video transmission, unidirectional (default)/bi-directional RS485 data over an optical line. Furthermore L-2SDI-FE-HD-TX/RX provides optional audio/contact closure/RS422/RS232 data transmission, which can be widely used in TV live broadcast, high-definition video conference, high-definition video monitoring, intelligent transportation system and public security system.Fiber optical transmission excludes electromagnetic noise factor, it makes this product a perfect solution for efficient, reliable and secured SD/HD-SDI signal transport.

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2 Channel HD-SDI Over Fiber Extender Kit with RS485 channel

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    • Comply with SMPTE-292M HD-SDI standard
    • L-2SDI-FE-HD-TX/RX: two HD-SDI input (BNC)
    • 1080P@30,25,24, 1080I@60,50 and 720P@60,50,30,25,24
    • Auto adaptive bit rate up to 1.485Gb/s
    • One bi-directional RS485 channel, half duplex, up to 115.2Kb/s baud rate
    • With integrated cable equalizer
    • Embedded ESD and surge protection circuit to prevent damage from static and thunder
    • With NOP (No optical signal) alarm indications, output status indicator and input lock indicator
    • With APC circuit to perform stable optical power
Tech Specs
HD-SDI Interface  
Connector BNC
Fiber Connector ST/PC
Bit rate 1.485Gb/s and 270Mb/s auto adaptive
Impedance 75Ω
Return loss >15dB
Output level 800mVp-p±10%
Rise and fall time(HD-SDI) ≤270ps
Rise and fall time(SD-SDI) ≤1.50ns
SD-SDI Alignment jitter (1KHz) ≤0.2UI
SD-SDI Timing jitter (10Hz) <0.2UI
HD-SDI Alignment jitter (100KHz) ≤0.2UI
HD-SDI Timing jitter (10Hz) <1.0UI
Standard Comply to SMPTE-292M HD-SDI and
SMPTE-259M SD-SDI standard
Audio Interface (Optional)  
Connector PHOENIX connector
Quantization grade 20 bits
Sample frequency 48KHz
Audio input/output voltage 2VP-P
Bandwidth 20Hz~20KHz
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.1%
RS485 Interface  
Connector PHOENIX connector
Baud rate 0~115.2Kb/s
Bit error ratio <10-9
Duplex Half-duplex
CONSOLE Interface  
Connector RJ45
Baud rate 19200
bits 8
Stop bit 1
parity check None
EMU/EMU-EX Interface  
Connector RJ45
Bit rate 10Mb/s or 100Mb/s auto adaptive
Power and Consumption for desktop equipment  
Power supply DC 12V
DC input voltage range 8V~14V
Power consumption 3W±10%
Environment Requirements  
Working temperature -30~60℃
Relative Humidity ≤95%, no condensation
Storage temperature -40~85℃
Equipment dimension  
Equipment dimension 180mm x 123mm x 30mm


L-2SDI-FE-HD-TX-RX SDI Over Fiber  Pdf User Guide 


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Application Drawing 2 Channel HD-SDI Over Fiber Extender Kit with RS485 channel's Application Drawing
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